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Book Cover - Sky of Fire and Ash by Audr

Fallon’s sole purpose as a firewalker is to kill the dragons
plaguing her city, until one saves her life.


Fallon, Firewalker 325, was raised to kill scorchers, the varied drakoni species that declared war on humans a century ago. Created in a lab and raised in the military, she’s fireproof—the perfect weapon against the enemy. 


But on Fallon's nineteenth birthday, her mission goes horribly wrong and she and her friend, Pip, are captured by their enemy. As they venture farther into the dragons' realm, she encounters a mysterious boy named Rekarius and begins to question everything she thought she knew about the war.


Sides will be chosen, blood will be shed, and victors will emerge, but one thing is clear: If Fallon chooses wrong, her world will plunge into everlasting war.

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